Periodical Maintenance

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Automobile has been a more and more popular mean of transportation in VNVN. Automobilist always hopes his car in perfect condition. Instructions in this leaf let provide you how to use your car safely and economically.

Some parts on the car are worn out naturally during operation. If they are out of inspection, periodic maintenace or replacement, their feature will reduce, serious damage even unsafety will happen during using process

For example: Engine oil functions as a lubrication, hermetic substance, coolant, cleanser and metallic anticorrosion for engine interiors. Engine oil is purified through oil filter which keeps dregs and dust created during its operation. The feature of oil and oil fiter will gradually reduce, Oil fiter New Old

The purpose of Periodical Maintenace is inspecting, maintaining and replacing some iterms for the best operation of all parts. Periodical maintenace prevents the car from big failure, saves your money and ensures the safety. Moreover, it helps your car to be in accordance with the safe and invironmental state regulations.

Periodical maintenance is maintaining the car in a certain cycle( determined by stretch of road or time of usage). Maintained items and period was investigated and fixed in accordance with severe using condition in VNVN by AV Car #1.

Please refer to the maintenance schedule in the manual or Warranty book for more detail.


Maintencae includes:

    Inspect operation function of controlling system in cabin: lights, horn, winshield wipper, power steering system, air conditional system...
    Inspect engine room: engine oil, power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, drive belt...
    Periodicly replaced parts: Engine lubricant, engine oil filter, fuel filter, air cleaner...
    Ground inspection: brake system maintenace, suspension check, tires, pipe, exhaut pipe, screw nut, leakage...
    Final inspection: After maintenace, the car should be inspected with equipments: speed, brake, sideslip, emission concentration.


We recommend customer to conduct periodic maintenance in AV Car #1 DLRs as follow reason:

    And Noone can undertand about your car more than AV Car #1 Dealers.
    Your car will be maintained by professional technicians, who are specially trainined in servicing the many system unique to your vehicle.
    You are given genuine part in case that your car need part replacing.
    Our Dealers also serve you with Quick Service that will surely save your time at most with unchanged cost.

NOTICE: This information just provides main maintenace factors. Please contact to AV Car #1 Dealers or read in manual for more information.
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